Gleb Kuznetsov

I'm a PhD student in the Harvard Biophysics program. I'm interested in combining computational and experimental approaches to understand and modify genomes. At the moment, I'm exploring labs and projects. I'm also interested in augmenting human intelligence.

Before enlisting as a PhD student, I was a research assistant in the Church Lab at Harvard Medical School. I worked on taming the complexity of designing and engineering biological systems through an integration of computational and high-throughput wet lab techniques. Check out one of my latest projects, Millstone, a computational platform for improving the way we engineer genomes.

Outside of the Church Lab, I’ve been working on a project called Overlapping Minds. The aim of this project is to provide a means for one to build a mirror of his or her mind through capturing thoughts and links, and creating a graph of associations among them.

Before the Church Lab, I was an engineer at Google. I received my MEng and BS from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For my thesis, I experimented with intelligent tools for assisting people in finding information on the Web to solve technical problems.