Gleb Kuznetsov

I'm interested in finding big problems and building interdisciplinary teams and technology to solve them. My primary interests span biotech, health care, and knowledge management.

Currently, I'm on the Advanced Technology Team at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering where I'm working on new protein engineering technologies and performing business development to bring our inventions into the real world. Working with George Church, I leverage the massively parallel economics of DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis, and machine learning technologies to enable new paradigms for drug discovery. I split my time among customer development (talking to industry scientists, clinicians, academics), doing wet lab experiments (experiment design, molecular cloning), performing bioinformatics and machine learning analysis, and building software infrastructure on AWS.

I completed my PhD thesis as part of the Harvard Biophysics program, working in the Church Lab combining computational and experimental approaches to hack biology, including recoding genomes and engineering proteins. I completed my undergraduate and MEng studies at MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For my Master's Thesis, I experimented with intelligent tools for assisting people in finding information on the web. In between, I spent a bit over a year as a software engineer at Google.

In parallel to my more recent focus on biology, I've remained interested in augmenting human intelligence through software that helps us learn and work better. I built a knowledge organization tool for myself and a few friends called Overlapping Minds that lets users capture thoughts and links and build associations among them.